Product Description


GEESYS SOLAR STRING COMBINER BOX is provides detailed information about the power generated by each string of PV modules. 

GEESYS now offers "off the shelf" / "ready stock" array junction boxes, DCDBs, ACDBs, SPD boxes for DC side and SPD boxes for AC side for small solar PV power plants. Customer can quickly install these products.GEESYS can customize these solar power plant building blocks as per customer's instructions 

provides information about out-of-order or disturbed strings. 

Upon occurrence of a fault in the power plant the system gives clear and visible reference points of the place, where the fault is registered and the nature of the fault. Such information is accompanied by a visual alarm in the concerned field array junction box and the central monitoring server. 

monitors the status of the fuses of each string 

each measuring module does a self-check up on power ON. 

the system installation is easy and quick as the measuring module comes pre installed in the array junction box provided by GEESYS. GEESYS can customize the array junction box as per plant operator's requirements.

The string monitoring module needs NO additional cabling for power supply and data transmission as it takes power from the PV module strings and transmits data to the central server wirelessly. Absence of power and data transmission wires is a very big advantage.
User friendly software is provided for monitoring the performance of all the strings from a central location.

Product details

  • Voltage (Volts): 415


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